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Before Christmas we began casually discussing computer sciences with our class, trying to work in general terminology to build interest. We began our Google class project on January 3, 2017. The students started by taking a pre-survey where they determined their proficiencies and strengths in computer science with a specific concentration on computer programming. Students were then exposed to the Scratch program (scratch.mit.edu), made their own accounts, and began exploring the program on their own. At this time we did a pre-assessment on their current abilities with regards to the topics we planned to cover. Students then spent the next week reviewing the Google materials on computer sciences, specifically focusing on the programming aspect. Students watched a program daily and then found and attempted to apply their knowledge to that section of Scratch. We went through all of the videos pertaining to Scratch and then assigned each student to a specific project. Students then spent approximately 2 weeks building their project. As the instructors we facilitated students with their projects and in some cases guided them to other resources within the site to answer more complex problems that they encountered. We then had the students present their final projects to one another and we assessed them using the post-assessment on January 26, 2017. Students also completed their post-survey on how they felt they had grown in their abilities within computer science. It was an excellent project, and the students really seemed to develop an interest in computer science.

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